All P*mped Up!!

Globalistan has been a little dormant the past few days since we were reworking blog design and adding some new features. More shall be told about the latter when the time is ripe, but we are still working on things so expect some changes.

Hats off to Teresa for the awesome header. And to Ben, who reworked the design for us.

Let us know what you think of the design. Is there anything in the reworking that you see missing or different? Opinions shall greatly help us as we work on the design. The soul of a blog, after all, is in his clothes.

2 thoughts on “All P*mped Up!!

  1. His clothes? Since when is a blog male? A blog isn’t like God, male by default. You are after all the creator, so perhaps most aware of the sex of the blog. It looks alright, a bit grey. Good luck in Brussels.

  2. awww cmon sayalee. i was just doing the shakespeare quote-thingy. a blog for all practical purposes is hermaphroditic. self-reproduction and all.

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